Empowering brands. Ignoring borders

Pure design can only come from an untameable imagination. We take the elements intrinsic to your brand and distill them into a design language steeped in Swedish minimalism. Our solutions create brand clarity that cuts through market haze and connects on a visceral level.

Unique environment. Unique Solutions

Our success resides in a rare space – where opposites converge. Intuitive familiarity blends with disruptive innovation. Immersive experiences – natural to the senses, yet detached from the ordinary. A distinct mix of time honoured storytelling and cutting edge digital artistry. An array of disciplines and media, forming one seamless creation – your solution.

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We do more than design – we create experiences that enrich lives. We exchange connections through the currency of you. Trade with us.

Bonne Marque is an award winning branding agency with roots stretching back over a decade. From founder Alexander Engzell’s teenage self-employment to today’s close knit team of professionals. BM has evolved, but its purpose remains unchanged – raising brands to awareness.

Everything we do stems from a need to improve brands and the world around us. We see each project as an opportunity to surpass our best. Our award winning solutions are the result of thorough research, a curious imagination and rigorous testing. Need to know more?